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Prostatitis affects millions of men. It can affect men in their 20’s but typically presents in men aged 30-50 years of age.  The prevalence of prostatitis seems to be increasing in the western world.

Prostatitis can be severe and disabling. It can affect sexuality and relationships, employment prospects, and professional advancement.  Prostatitis has also been associated with an increased risk of depression.

Most men affected by prostatitis experience what we classify as “chronic prostatitis / pelvic pain syndrome” (CP/CPPS).  Chronic prostatitis is related to interstitial cystitis with some of the symptoms overlappings.

Typically men cannot identify an incident cause of chronic prostatitis.  The symptoms of chronic prostatitis may ebb over time.[/col]

Diagnosis and treatment of chronic prostatitis are often frustrating to patients because chronic prostatitis is ‘a mixed bag” condition that includes a number of conditions with different causes but similar symptoms.

We approach prostatitis care through a systematic logical step-wise approach focusing on addressing the most bothersome symptoms first.

  • Neuromuscular origin is present in some men. Pelvic floor rehabilitative therapy is an effective treatment.  Medications affecting the neural perception of pain such as SSRI are helpful as well for some men.
  • Inflammatory origin is present in some men and these respond to anti-inflammatory treatments.
  • Some men have what appear to be infectious causes with what is probably difficult to culture organisms.  These men may respond to intermittent antibiotic treatment.

Pelvic Pain, erectile dysfunction, sexual difficulties as well as urinary problems can be associated with prostatitis.

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