Prostatitis Treatment

We utilize rational step-wise approach to prostatitis treatment.

A thorough diagnostic evaluation is a crucial step in treatment selection. Confirmation of diagnosis of chronic prostatitis involves a thorough evaluation to exclude other explanations and causes for symptoms of chronic prostatitis. These can be urinary tract infection, sexually transmitted diseases, prostate infection, prostate enlargement, nerve entrapment or musculo-skeletal causes.

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Once a diagnosis is made, the symptoms are classified into categories based on severity and a step-wise approach to treatment is initiated.  The initial treatment selected is based on most likely etiology and symptom pattern.  Typically a few treatments will be tried over a period of time until appropriate response to treatment is achieved.  This requires some patience.[/col] 

[box style=”0″]Dr. Shteynshlyuger has made important contributions to prostatitis care scientific literature.  He is an expert on diagnosing and treating prostatitis.  To take advantage of his expertise and to make an appointment, please contact our office.


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