Prostate Cancer Screening – Controversy About what?

Prostate Cancer Screening – Should you do it?

There have been much controversy about the benefits of prostate cancer screening.  The question is – should you do it?

It’s a personal question.  The question really is – are you at risk of experiencing problems associated with prostate cancer spread?

Men with family history, African-Americans and those that expect to live 15+ years are at higher risk.

While studies show that screening may not have prolonged life by much for an average screening participant, the treatment success has improved since the studies have been performed.  One can suspect that the benefits will be greater.

However one needs to balance risks and benefits.

The bottom line is that the question is really not about screening but about treatment. Most risks and side effects as well as costs are associated with treatment for prostate cancer.

We know that treatment of advanced prostate cancer saves lives and is associated with numerous benefits.  It is not clear cut whether treatment for early stage prostate cancer is associated with many benefits but we know that treatment is associated with finite risks.


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