Erectile Dysfunction and Prostate Cancer

rectal dysfunction homeo impotence is very common after treatment for prostate cancer. man who were portent prior to treatment for prostate cancer up to 70% man developed some erectile dysfunction after treatment for prostate cancer with surgery radiation or hormonal therapy.

While ED is prevalent after treatment for prostate cancer, the good news is that effective treatment options available for man who desired to have a satisfying sexual life. Virtually every man who desires adequate erections after treatment for prostate cancer can have an effective treatment option for his individual needs.

The treatment options include:

Oral Therapy (medications/pills) such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are very effective in treating erectile dysfunction in men who had treatment for prostate cancer.

Penile Self-Injection Therapy (Trimix) is effective for many men with prostate cancer who are willing to self-inject the medication.

External Vacuum Pump – is effective for some men with prostate cancer but is somewhat cumbersome to use.

Urethral insertion of medications – is effective in some men (about 20%); can cause some penile burning sensation.

Penile implant (inflatable penile prosthesis): is a very effective surgical treatment for ED for men treated for prostate cancer. Penile implant has high patient (and partner) satisfaction rates. The sensation is not affected. Men can still have an orgasm after having penile implant. The inflatable penile implant is inflated by pressing the pump that is hidden in the scrotum when you are ready for intercourse. Once you completed having sex, pressing the button again causes the erection to go away.  It is the “on demand” erection solution for men with ED.





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