Top Russian Speaking Urologist in NYC – Board Certified

When it comes to finding a top Russian speaking urologist in New York City, the options are numerous as there are many Russian speaking urologists serving a very large Russian speaking population that is scattered throughout Brooklyn, in downtown, midtown and upper West Side of Manhattan. A very large Russian speaking population in Queens and Staten Island are served by both Russian speaking and non-Russian speaking doctors.

While many urologists advertise as “Russian – speaking” – don’t be fooled. Many have translators, front desk receptionists or a nurse who may speak Russian.

If you are looking for a second opinion from a Russian Speaking Urologist in New York City, make sure that you are understood without a translator.  Choose an experienced, well trained American-trained urologist who is fluent in Russian.  It is reassuring to be able to both ask and receive answers to your urological questions from a Russian Speaking Urologist.



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