High Deductible Plans

We offer high quality, cost-efficient urology care for patients with high deductible plans.  We will work with you to find high-quality, low-cost care solution that fits your goals.  Please contact us to schedule an appointment.


Self-Pay / Uninsured / Cash Paying Patients.

We specialize in providing high quality low cost care to patients with no health coverage who are paying out of pocket.  Our goal is to provide you highest quality care while minimizing your expenses.  We routinely offer generic medications when available; oftentimes we can offer you sample medications to get you started and to make sure the treatment is effective before you pay out of pocket for medications.  We offer drug-savings plans that cover many medications.

For patients requiring surgical care, we will work with you on finding a high-quality solution to your surgical needs.  Many minor procedures can be performed in the office thus saving you high hospital fees.

We welcome patients from USA as well as international clients requiring high quality urological care in the United States.  We provide high quality care regardless of your immigration status.

We routinely see international business visitors, vacation visitors as well as students from Europe, Asia, Africa, South and Latin America as well as the Middle East and Africa.  We will provide a detailed report to your local doctors in your country as well as a copy for your reference.

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